SSS-Song of The Day: “Ooh Baby Baby” by The Miracles

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The Miracles "Ooh Baby Baby"

Written by Smokey Robinson and fellow Miracle Pete Moore and produced by Robinson, "Ooo Baby Baby" was a number 4 hit on the Billboard R&B singles chart and reached number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. A slow, remorseful number, "Ooo Baby Baby" features Miracles lead singer Smokey Robinson lamenting the fact that he cheated on his woman, and begging for her to overlook his mistakes and please forgive him. The song's highly emotional feel is supported by the Miracles' tight background harmonies, arranged by Miracles member and song co-author Pete Moore, and a lush orchestral arrangement that accents The Funk Brothers band's instrumental track. The song is also widely known from being apart of the movie Cooleyhigh. The song has been rerecorded by artists such as Shalamar, The Moments, The Five Stairsteps, Ella Fitzgerald, Bunny Sigler and Linda Ronstadt. This timeless classic remains the highlight of Smokey Robinson's show as well as one of the most sensual love songs of all time. Enjoy a classic performance from the 1960's with The Miracles   Enjoy an impromptu performance with Smokey Robinson & Aretha Franklin   Enjoy a performance of "Ooh Baby Baby" with Smokey Robinson & Darryl Hall